Learn an effective and in the moment way to become “Relaxed Alert”.


  • A “Relaxed Alert” state will increase the band width of your neuroceptive wifi.
  • With the increase of the flow of information,  you will connect more easily with yourself and with the people you are helping.
  • In a state of “Relaxed Alert “  you will make better situational assessments.
  • You will be present and fully engaged when de-escalating tense, highly emotional, and difficult situations.
  • And, importantly, when the situation is resolved you will be able to re-balance more smoothly. 

show up

I want to be clear that I still struggle to connect and communicate with people in deep pain and/or acting out violently. What I observe in myself in the moment is that I begin to feel similar emotions. What I have noticed though, is that I am able to return to a “Relaxed Alert” state more quickly. I have learned through years of martial arts training is that you need to show up and practice. The training is never over. Show up! Practice!  You will make mistakes. You will say things that cause the situation to escalate. You are human. You learn and move on.