I am a restless and curious person. Since I can remember I have had a desire to learn pretty much anything. When I was 13, I needed to learn about myself. So I joined the Victoria Judo Club. After 40 years of training I learned that to get strong, one only needs to show up and practice. Everything else will take care of itself. Now I am a Sensei, not perfect, but better than I would have been had I not walked up the 3 flights of stairs to the club and joined. I still struggle. I still have self-doubt. The only difference is I continue in spite of the voices saying to stay small. 

After 29 years of policing, I have seen some things that are unforgettable. But I learned that when trying to calm an out of control person, one must be in control of themselves first. I somehow knew that I must be able first to get a grip on my mind and body before I could connect with someone in a turmoil. I also learned that it, not the words you say, it is your intention and the emotional climate you create. 

I have been grateful for my policing career to have become an expert in police tactics. And for over 25 years I have taught police and other members in the community, how to safely manage any situation that they may meet. Personally, though, I find teaching people how to carefully, and compassionately de-escalate someone suffering or violently acting to be the most rewarding. 

With this experience, I created an easy way to for anyone to first, manage their own body and mind, and second to engage safely in difficult situations.

If you wish to control others you must first control yourself.
— Miyamoto Musashi